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Content Marketing – Grow Your Business Online and Be In Control


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0:44 – Businesses that blog twice a week get 60% more traffic and leads
0:56 – You need to have control of your content online
1:19 – How to avoid problems with building your business on someone else’s platform (i.e. Facebook)
1:42 – A great course I recommend about content marketing and growing your business online

Check out James Schramko’s course – ‘Own The Racecourse’ at http://www.owntheracecourse.com

own the racecourse by james schramko


Hi everyone, Suraj here with a video from Epsom Downs Racecourse where i’m attending a mastermind group that i’ve been invited to. In this video i’m going to talk about how you can grow your business through content marketing and i’ll be recommending a brilliant free online course that i’ve taken myself that you can check out later. Keep watching.

So i’ve been teaching business owners and entrepreneurs here in the UK about blogging and content marketing in my workshops since 2007 and now more than ever content marketing has become so important if you want to succeed online and generate leads from your website. Tests have shown that businesses who blog more than twice a week generally get over 60% more traffic and leads than a business who doesn’t. It builds credibility and presence for any business who wants that online.

It’s also really important for you to have total control over your content and not build your business on someone else’s platform, for example building your entire business on Facebook or YouTube which you have no real control over and could get kicked out of anytime. Over time, these platforms come and go and the rules change, which could affect your business badly overnight.

The solution to not having that problem and actually growing your business with a long term strategy in place so your business is safe is to make sure you OWN THE RACECOURSE instead of racing your little horse on someone else’s course. Now this is not my concept it’s actually the teachings of my online marketing mentor James Schramko who is based in Australia. He has created a completely free content marketing and online business growth course which is actually called OWN THE RACECOURSE and its really appropriate that i’m telling you about that whilst i’m at an actual racecourse, and I really recommend you check out. I’ve followed it and have seen a dramatic increase in my traffic and amounts of leads generated for me through my various projects online.

It teaches you about having control of your business and your content which will make a massive difference to how much money you make from your website.

When you sign up for it, tell James I said hi and that you saw this clever little video where I talk about his OWN THE RACECOURSE training whilst standing on an actual racecourse!

Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog, share this video to your community and clients and leave a comment below if you have any questions and i’ll try to get James to reply directly to your comment.

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