life changing lessons to live byReal Talk

50 Life Changing Lessons To Live By

This list was originally created and posted by Darius Foroux on Medium. I absolutely love Darius Foroux's writing. I first came across his blog on Medium where he writes about life lessons, productivity, personal development and much more. Last year a friend of mine sent me a link to a…
March 31, 2020
Dating-an-entrepreneurLifestyleReal Talk

Dating an entrepreneur? Here are 10 things to expect

So, you've started dating someone who calls themselves an entrepreneur? This post is either going to be really revealing or really familiar! Maybe you're actually married to one, in which case none of the below should come as a surprise and you should find yourself nodding and smiling as you…
March 19, 2020
Real Talk

How To Find Your Purpose in Life

So many people say they can't find their life's purpose. They don't know why they are here. I think the first problem with this whole concept of finding your purpose is that most people think that their life's purpose is something they need to actively look for, like a needle…
February 5, 2020
20 Principles That Will Lead to SuccessReal Talk

20 Principles That Will Lead to Success

Success is no accident. Living a great life will not come by luck or chance. It won't fall from the sky. There's no magic wand, there's no quick fix. The good news is there are principles that lead to success. If you commit to doing the things successful people do…
December 11, 2019
how to win at lifeReal Talk

It’s Only a Matter of Time Until I Win

As Rebecca Rush says, “Winning ugly is still winning.” Learning is a clumsy, awkward process and if you're trying to look cool as you try to build your skill set, you're never going to make it. All of that posturing is just going to hold you back. The people that…
December 5, 2019